Is Tom Winnifrith the biggest loser ever ?

We were sent some amazing information from a city friend highlighting some of the career of Tom Winnifrith, although we should say lowlighting instead as there does not seem to be one highlight in what we were sent. Below is a table of the share price performance of all the public companies of which Tom Winnifrith was either a director or chief investment officer of during his time in charge. Open price is his appointment date and close is when he quit/resigned/was “sacked”.

Company                                                   Open     Close      Performance

Rivington Street Holdings                  37.5      2.5         -93.33%

Athol Gold and Value                            52.5       11         -79.05%

Woship Street Investments*              2           0.4191  -79.05%

Woodburne Square AG                        51.25    16.25     -68.29%

Agneash Soft Commodities               0 .52       0.47      -9.62%

Port Erin Biopharma Investments  12.25     6           -51.02%


It is truly astonishing to have consistently failed at every opportunity, we believe it is unparalleled in the UK and welcome challenges from people who may know someone with a worse record. Yes there are individual cases at single companies but not consistently from one company to the next without even one success. Is Tom Winnifrith the biggest loser ever ?

To further lowlight his incredibly appalling record here are his predictions for 2013, quite astonishingly he managed to get 11 out of 11 wrong and they were mainly 50/50 calls. Just imagine how well your investments would be doing if you’d listerned to him at the end of 2012.

1 – EU governments will default on their debt  They didn’t.

2 – The bond bubble will burst  It didn’t

3 – Gold will trade between $1700 and $2000 It fell from $1600 to $1200

4 – Silver will do even better. It will trade at $35-$40. It fell from $30 to $19

5 – In Syria Assad will be replaced and oil will spike to $180 per barrel  He wasn’t and oil traded steadily at around $110

6 – The EU will ditch the UK or some countries will split in two Wrong on both counts.

7  – The media bubble will burst It didn’t.

8 – The US balance will resemble Greece’s The USA was the first western economy to return to pre-crisis levels

9 – House prices will fall or tread water House prices accelerated and continue to do so

10 – Consumer spending will remain subdued A consumer led economic recovery gathered momentum.

11 – 2013 will be a bad year for equities – the FTSE will fall from 6000 to end the year at 5500 It rose throughout to 6800

Is Tom Winnifrith the biggest loser ever ?

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